Friday, May 16, 2014

Monitoring memory and CPU based on process command line match

The title of this posts looks fairly uncommon, but sometimes it is necessary to monitor some system parameters based on the command's line, for example, it is useful to monitor IIS application pools.

Our client needed this type of monitoring to do reports based on this data, so we did these SCOM RULES based on scripts.

One little notice before we start with the scripts: some people ask us what "Call oAPI.LogScriptEvent" does. The answer is that this call writes an event with number 2000 in the agent machine and it is useful for debugging.

If you don´t know or you don´t remember how to associate a script to SCOM RULE here is an old post talking about this topic.

Here are the scripts, I hope they will be as useful to you as they were to us.