Friday, April 4, 2014

Windows 2012 R2 disk deduplication

Today we are going to talk about the file deduplication, a service which can achieve space savings of 60% into VDI infrastructures. 
There are some software requisites to setup before deduplication. To start the setup you have to add the following roles in to the server:

Firstly you have to understand and setup the storage pool, here are some very good posts about it:

Once you have the storage pool configured, is time to setup the deduplication, but don't do it before reading this post about deduplication deployment considerations

You have to click right over the volume that you want deduplicate as you can see in the following images:

Now, you have setup your first deduplicated disk.
The deduplication is executed by a scheduled task, by default, it starts the deduplication process when the server is idle.
You can force it for the first time with some powershell commands.
Get-DedupStatus <-- It shows you the status of deduplication.
Start-DedupJob -type Optimization -volume d:  <-- It starts a deduplication job manually
Get-DedupJob  <--It shows you the deduplication task status.

Here is the result of applying the deduplication over ten Windows 2008 virtual machines:

Finally, remember, deduplication has some overhead into the system CPU, can´t be applied to system volumes, can´t be applied into removable drives, deduplication job is executed only in one processor.

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